How recover the book I purchased?

To recover the book edition that you have previously purchased, steps are differents depending of you platform.

  • If you are using Apple iOS device, you have to touch the Unlock Content item of the main menu.
    This will bring you to the activation assistant.
    On the first screen, touch the button Restore my purchases to bring you back the purchases you have done before.
    If you are using the same iTunes account, the full content will start downloading.
  • If you are using Android device, your previous purchases should be restored automatically.
    If the system failed with this task, you can uninstall and reinstall the application (warning: this action will delete your personalized table of content, your highlights and your history).
    Be sure that you are connected to Internet and using the same Google Play account.
    The full content will start downloading immediatly after the previous purchase is found.